Samba Glow uses a natural tanning solution, free of artificial fragrances, preservatives and harsh chemicals. Instead, Samba Glow's tanning formulas incorporate certified organic aloe vera extract, vitamins A and E, marine collagen, and antioxidants to provide potent soothing, healing, firming, and anti-aging benefits.

Our spray tan results in a wonderful Brazilian Glow without harmful sun exposure, or equally harmful artificial UV rays common in tanning beds. Our airbrush technique is handheld and completely tailored and customized to match your skin tone.

The first step to an even, gorgeous tan, Samba Glow's complimentary normalize treatment is a pre-treatment spray that hydrates and evens out skin so the tanning solution adheres to and penetrates uniformly. In addition, the Normalizing Treatment's hydrating boost ensures that the tan is not only even, but also that it lasts longer.

Samba Glow's organic airbrush tanning solution is then hand-applied in one of two formulas : the popular Bronzer allows you to see the results of your tan immediately after application, while Clear is great for those who don't like bronzers. The Clear formula has no bronzers, so there is no noticeable difference until the tan fully develops on the skin in 8-10 hours, while the Bronzer option lets you walk out of the salon like you just stepped off the beaches of Brazil.

To further customize your airbrush tan, you can choose from three different Elixirs, tanning enhancement add-ons that will have you fighting the signs of aging, subtly glowing and smelling delicious. The Anti-Aging Elixir stimulates cell rejuvenation, firms skin and offers other anti-aging benefits from exotic plant extracts, antioxidants and botanicals that help turn back the clock. The Brazilian Shimmer Elixir, available in gold, silver, pink, blue, ocean green, and lavender, softens skin and imparts a healthy, shimmery sheen infused with emollients and humectants, and is perfect for evening events where a little extra glow may be desired. The Scent Elixir, available in nine varieties including lavender, vanilla, ginger mint, green tea, lemongrass, tangerine, piña colada, chocolate, and apple, adds a subtle dose of fragrance that will linger gently on skin.

The DHA based solution is FDA approved and recommended as an alternative to natural tanning by the Skin Cancer Organization.

Many of our clients maintain a Golden Brazilian tan all year long, and intensify their base tan for reunions, weddings, holidays or summer vacations. Samba Glow provides a safe, yet fun way to feel healthier, and look sexier all year long.

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